Fern Britton - Amazing Weight Loss Lie?

Fern Britton was on top form last week. The TV presenter made an appearance on This Morning to explain why she never went public about here gastric band operation.

Fern had the gastric band operation two years ago because she was unhappy at the thought of being fat and fifty. She took this drastic step because she was unable to loose weight any other way. However, in taking this action she has evoked a huge backlash from the viewing public.

Fern Britton had inspired viewers buy loosing 5 stone and dropping 3 dress sizes. Fern insisted that this was down to healthy eating, portion control, and exercise. "Nothing works as well as eating what I love - just not as much. By doing that and exercising, I've lost weight", she said.

The problem was she failed to mention in any interview with the media that she had gastric surgery. It is worth remembering that this is no minor operation, it takes four hours and involves putting a band around the stomach to restrict the amount of food the stomach can hold.

Fern Britton has always publicly stated that she is happy with the way she looks, she even went, as far as to say, "I'd rather be big and happy, than on a diet and miserable". Privately she must have felt the complete opposite.

I think that what Fern Britton does is her business, but a lot of people feel let down and lied to. When her detractors put it to her that she had lied she felt she had to go on TV and defender herself, Fern said: "I didn't lie, but there are some things a girl likes to keep for herself. Two years ago, I had a gastric band operation. I did it for me, because I wanted to. I didn't feel the need to ring round and let everyone know".

She might be right, but I don't think Ryvita (Crisp Bread) will be too happy about being kept in the dark. After all Ryvita are reportedly paying Fern Britton £200,000 for services.

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